About Mia Luna

Welcome to Mia Luna! 


Crystal inspired apparel from Italy’s Selenite

Mia Luna is a design studio inspired by its location in the ancient selenite quarries of Bologna, Italy. Selenite, from the Greek moon goddess Selene, is what gave our brand its name Mia Luna, (My Moon). Using the physical and metaphysical properties of selenite we created our own sacred geometry of prints and mandalas that represent the essence of the selenite stone. A third-eye (agnya) chakra stone as well as an angel stone, our signature selenite mandala, Agnya Moon, is a two petaled lotus that spirals out into angel wings, representing protection from the angelic realm. Selenite recharges other crystals and connects to all our energy centers giving birth to a whole collection of energy prints for balance! Something in our collection will surely send out the  good vibration that speaks personally to you.

We are a planet-friendly product using eco-friendly fabrics with small productions in order to avoid waste and ensure high quality to guarantee longevity and re-use.

Made in Italy: Mia Luna brings the unique romantic flavor of the Italian culture into our aesthetic with a Made in Italy product. We use Bologna-based tailors to construct our clothing, offering small capsule collections that can be custom tailored on order.

Personalization: We aim to be a bespoke product offering apparel that identifies with the wearer. Fabrics and prints become personal as they reflect the nature of the individual. We also offer personalised collections  for small yoga studios, spas, organic shops and art galleries. please write us at mialunadesign@gmail.com for more information.

Our Fabrics

Bamboo in our collections is sourced from salvaged fabrics from larger productions and custom weaves from small Italian suppliers. Bamboo is part of the grass family and the fastest growing woody plant in the world. It thrives naturally, is 100% biodegradable, decreases deforestation and generates more oxygen than trees. Since it isn’t uprooted it also preserves soil structure.

Organic Cotton We source from organic cotton suppliers that respect the standards of no-GMO, no-pesticide no-fertilizer methods in growing. Organic cotton contributes to biodiversity and remains to be one of the best fabrics for long-lasting wear.

Repurposed Italian Lycra We use beautiful selected repurposed fabric spun in Italy, specifically Lago di Como: famous for its fabric production. High quality lycra with digital prints of celestial goddess are featured in our new 2018 Birthstone Bikini collection!