About Mia Luna

Welcome to Mia Luna! 


Ecological Swimwear for sustaining our planet

Welcome to Mia Luna! Our Design studio features ecological swimwear that support preservation of our oceans: made with lycra from recycled plastic bottles (Repreve (TM) .
The Mia Luna atelier is located in the historical selenite quarry which built the city of Bologna. Its foundation of selenite crystal penetrates our atelier’s creativity. This ancient stone has a rich history as a building material throughout the history of Italy, including its use for creating windows is churches. The fact that this is a sustainable material in its own right created a conceptual basis for continuing its representing sustainable clothing.

My mission was to find the best way to create sustainable fashion in the swimwear market. Swimwear, like intimate wear are fashion staples that are not bought second hand so are sustainable in their own right. I also consider seasonal products as sustainable for both the producer and consumer as it is easier to manage low impact production on a seasonal basis in addition to unfolding new creative collections every year. In fact, swimwear created the concept of limited editions so you feel like you have something special in your summer wardrobe.

I  strive for innovation in concept using high quality materials, experienced pattern makers and local tailors. My pattern maker and sample tailor have 30 years experience in Italian swimwear and have developed products for major Italian brands including La Perla. Italy’s vast variety of body shapes have made it possible for me to offer a product that looks good on every body. Not only are you showing your love for the planet by wearing Mia Luna but you will also be beach beautiful!

The story behind my prints I love creating connections and using synthesis with what inspires me. Moving into my selenite home back in 2006 had me curious about this rock .  This move paralleled with my then new interest in meditation so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that selenite, a moonstone, had properties suitable for meditation , especially with opening out center of intuition. Moreover it is a healing stone and angel stone which all made the connection with the name of my street: via dell’Angelo Custode (Guardian Angel Stone). Taking the selenite rock I began with hand drawn doodles perfected on photoshop software. Like the making of a paper snowflake my Mia Luna featured logo “Selenite Mandala” turned out to be a tessellation pattern of angel wings emitting its very nature as an Angel Stone. Following the Selenite mandala, I created its logo compliment, Sole, which balances the nature of moon and also represents another aspect of selenite crystal: held up to the sun you see the rainbow of colors – as all colors create the white of selenite.

My goal is to create slow ecological fashion that can change the mindset of buying clothing: with sustainable fabric and long lasting pieces that my customers will love and keep.


Made in Italy: Mia Luna brings the quality and aesthetic of a Designed in Italy product to our collections. We use Bologna-based tailors to construct our clothing, offering small capsule collections that can be custom tailored on order (visit our Etsy shop).

Personalization: We aim to be a bespoke product offering apparel that identifies with the wearer. We offer personalised collections for resorts, boutiques, and spas. please write us at mialunadesign@gmail.com for more information.

Our Fabrics

Recycled Plastic Lycra (Repreve (TM) We use our custom prints digitally on lyrca made from recycled plastic bottles. This fabric has created our “sun-kissed” earth friendly swimwear which helps save our ocean and make you look beautiful.

Bamboo in our collections is sourced from salvaged fabrics from larger productions and custom weaves from small Italian suppliers. Bamboo is part of the grass family and the fastest growing woody plant in the world. It thrives naturally, is 100% biodegradable, decreases deforestation and generates more oxygen than trees. Since it isn’t uprooted it also preserves soil structure.

Organic Cotton We source from organic cotton suppliers that respect the standards of no-GMO, no-pesticide no-fertilizer methods in growing. Organic cotton contributes to biodiversity and remains to be one of the best fabrics for long-lasting wear.