About Maria

About Maria

In 2006 my family moved into an old selenite home in the hills of Bologna, Italy where the ancient selenite quarry is located: the material that laid the foundation of the medieval city of Bologna.

As I was surrounded by this rock inside my home and outside in my garden, I took a deep interest in knowing more about the nature of this crystallised gypsum. Selenite crystal, is a moonstone named after Selene, the moon goddess (known as Luna in Roman mythology) and became the muse of this project.

As an artist for over 20 years, I began creating prints dedicated to this stone by transforming the nature of it into patterns of sacred geometry.

My featured piece that embodies the very nature of selenite is Agnya Moon. Agnya is a “moon” mandala creation based on the metaphysical nature of selenite- it’s effect on the third-eye and crown chakras as well as its nature as an angel stone: look for the two petaled lotus flows out into two angel wings. 

(not coincidentally the name of my street is Guardian Angel Street -Via dell’Angelo Custode)

Combining my love of nature with my passion for travel, yoga and meditation, I launched Mia Luna in 2013. 

As a solo designer/entrepreneur my line is able to offer personal requests as well as custom made clothing, wall art, sculptures and home design. Don’t hesitate to write me at mialunadesign@gmail.com for comments or requests.

I hope my products bring meaning and beauty in your life!