About Maria

About Me

Originally from San Diego, California, I’m an artist who loves to travel and live life as an adventure.

After a BA in Studio Visual Arts and and MA in Industrial Design I worked all over the creative field from film to interior design and art instruction. I left the USA after meeting my Bolognese husband and began experimenting as an artist entrepreneur selling my art prints and applying them to children’s clothing.

World travel definitely has had its impact on my style: I have photographs and sketches from around the world from Asia to Africa which narrowed into an “art-nouveau” fusion reflecting local architecture, traditional body painting (henna and primitive tattoos) and silver filigree jewelry. This has created a sort of multi-cultural imprint in my work, emulating a current trend now in the design and art world.

Combining my love of nature with my passion for travel, yoga and meditation, I launched Mia Luna in 2012. 

As a solo designer/entrepreneur my line is able to offer personal requests as well as custom made clothing and home design. Don’t hesitate to write me at info@mialunadesign.com for comments or requests 🙂

Additionally, in line with my two personal missions to create designs that honor the planet and to collaborate regularly with other creative people, I partner with a rotation of meaningful local charities in Bologna, Italy. Visit the Charity link for more information. 

Peace to All

Maria Moscato