About Maria

About Maria

As my university and graduate studies laid the foundation of my life and work as an artist- experiences and world travel created the chemistry of its evolution. Today after living in Bologna, Italy for 20 years, I have applied my very living and work environment into the intricacy of creating a wearable brand: basically transforming the selenite crystal that my home is made of into patterns that depict what I call the sacred geometry of the selenite pattern itself.

My featured piece that embodies the very nature of selenite is Agnya. Agnya is a “moon” mandala creation based on the metaphysical nature of selenite- it’s effect on the third-eye and crown chakras as well as its nature as an angel stone.

(Not coincidentally the name of my street is Guardian Angel Street -Via dell’Angelo Custode).

Combining my love of nature with my passion for travel, yoga and meditation, I launched Mia Luna in 2012. 

As a solo designer/entrepreneur my line is able to offer personal requests as well as custom made clothing, wall art, sculptures and home design. Don’t hesitate to write me at mialunadesign@gmail.com for comments or requests.

My objectives is to create products bring meaning and beauty to my customers!