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Birthstone Bikinis

Introducing Birthstone Bikinis! Getting Ready for our 2018 collection: Sacred Swimwear with gemstone inspiration Please sign up on our mailing list to get the latest news and special preview prices click here to sign up! (with our bimonthly newsletters we won’t jam up your email:) Let your inner gemstone shine and connect to your constellation… (Read more)

Limited edition of Selene goddess prints

Hand Printed in the Mia Luna Atelier Selene Goddess with meditation on the heart chakra $48.00 Beautiful prints of Selene the goddess of the moon in a limited edition of 48 prints: 12 prints of Selene in Blue with gold crown 12 prints of Selene in Blue with Silver crown 12 prints of Selene in… (Read more)

Raku Sculptures and Lamps available on our Etsy Shop

Sushumna, Ida and Pingala energy lamps We like to expand out creativity at the Mia Luna atelier and offer products that enhance the environment and energy in the home. Based on the 3 principle energy channels (nadiis), are the energy lamps: hand built and fired with the raku method. Enjoy watching the flickering of your… (Read more)

Hatha Flow Top

Perfect for your Summer Glow- Mia Luna’s Hatha Flow! This is a great circle-cut tee in viscose matching the shape of our Sole print. Balance your moon and sun channels with wearing the sun by Mia Luna. Fresh, comfy and cool for the summer! Available at Karam Khand Yoga Shop in Bologna (Read more)

Gemstone hot yoga wear

  Shimmering style with repurposed Lycra from Lago di Como Limited edition of beautiful digital printed goddesses with an iridescent shine representing the gemstone amethyst. 95% lycra and 5% elastin help this fabric wicker sweat during hot yoga and has a long wear durability! Shop this limited collection available at Karam Khand Yoga Shop, Bologna. (Read more)

Pink rainbows

Nature Believe in Love!   Taken after a Spring thunderstorm, we captured this surreal skyscape right outside our window! With a little digital enhancement of our heart chakra print, we want to spread the love to all of you. Love is in the Air!! (Read more)

Believe in Love

Believe in Love dedicated to the Heart Chakra   Mia Luna not only creates designs that honor the planet but we also collaborate regularly with other creative people, As we want to partner with a rotation of meaningful charities around the globe, the 2017 Believe in Love Collection will give a percentage to support displaced women. We at… (Read more)

Italy’s Sacred Stones: Alabaster

Alabaster Volterra, Tuscany Curiosty: Volterra is Alabaster central in Italy! Here are the only alabaster quarries in Italy where local artisans work the stone into beautiful creations from sculpture to jewelry. Any new readers to my blog should knopw that the Mia Luna brand took its name from its atelier made of selenite and coloacted… (Read more)

Live your spirit in 2017

Happy 2017! May your true spirit guide you to a year of living who you really are Guardian Angel on Selenite Stone by Mia Luna 5 easy steps to make a change in order to live the real you in 2017: Write down a dream-a realistic one- that you have always wanted to realize or… (Read more)

Mia Luna Holiday Chakra Tree

Happy Holidays 2016! The Chakra Tree of Sustainability by Mia Luna featuring our agnya print and 5th chakra lotus “star” We continue to commit to sustainable design in all our products with ecological and re-purposed fabrics. (Read more)