Mia Luna’s Believe in Love tee supports the NEIMASITAWI atelier refugee project

The NEIMASITAWI Refugee Atelier Project is an initiative out of Geneva, Switzerland aimed at supporting refugee women to develop and showcase their skills as they settle into their new homes.
The mission of this project is to help displaced women in need around the world to find meaningful and fulfilling work to support their families. Artist Maria Moscato and Italian based fashion designer Neima Sitawi have teamed up to create the “Believe in Love” t-shirt ( Part of the proceeds will be used to fuel a charity fashion show and auction in Geneva, Switzerland to raise money for a physical refugee workshop.The NEIMASITAWI refugee atelier project will provide a safe, resource and training centerfor developing skills and eventually providing paid jobs. The goal is to mobilize women to open their own businesses or finding fulfilling labor as soon as possible.For more information or to get involved, please contact Neima Sitawi or Maria Moscato by private message.

Our signature yoga lifestyle collections supportsMoses Onlus, Bologna, Italy


We pride ourselves in being both a planet-friendly and people-friendly brand

As a small artisan brand Mia Luna at the moment donates to Moses Onlus (Onlus stands for “non-lucrative organization for social use”).

What we give

We give 5% of our sales to Moses so they can help build schools and educate marginalized children in Karen State, an impoverished area spreading over Thailand and Burma. They have also helped incredibly with renovating the areas damaged by the earthquake.

Why Moses?

Bologna is a big part of Mia Luna’s foundation and we wanted to involve a Bologna-based charity so we could really be pro-active in seeing progress and actually see change happening first hand with the efforts of this association. They have been recognized and supported by Noble Prize winner San Suu Kyi who is now a close friend and supporter of Moses.

Money goes directly to supplies for the children and the building of the schools. Please visit the Moses link for more information