Welcome to Mia Luna!

About Me

I am a screen print artist, painter and fashion designer who brings together the worlds of sustainable design, fine art and yoga.

The birth of Mia Luna

It all started with the material of my home-atelier: the crystal selenite. Located in the ancient selenite quarries that built the city of Bologna,

As an artist and yoga practitioner I was inspired to create the first Mia Luna print -the Agnya Mandala print, dedicated to selenite's property as a 6th chakra stone: center of intuition and awareness. 

The Agnya mandala is the mother print of various "chakra-infused" designs. My love for world travel and culture got my hands creating designs based on celebrated symbols and signs: Hamsa hands, Yin Yang, Sole Luna,  Dreamcatchers, Goddesses, the much loved mandala and more. With original sacred geometry and inspiration from the universal elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether -you will love the "chakra-infused" energy these prints resonate!

Available on our beautiful sustainable yoga lifestyle wear or as art prints. Energize and Enjoy! oh, don't forget to read about selenite's properties on the blog

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