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About Me

I am a screen print artist, painter and fashion designer who brings together the worlds of sustainable design, fine art, yoga and prints.

The birth of Mia Luna

The "seed"  of this brand started with the nature of my home-atelier made of the mother stone of Bologna, Italy-selenite. Selenite is a local and sustainable building material found all over the city of Bologna as it was used as the foundation of its construction giving it the nickname "City of the Moon" and "City of Silver". 

The name “MIA LUNA” (translated “My Moon”) coincidently linked selenite (a moonstone) with my childhood nickname (Mia) and my daughter’s middle name (Luna).


As a design student in the 1990's I studied vernacular architecture and the use of naturally sourced materials for building and other types of production, I decided to turn my focus to fashion design since its sustainability is so important to the health of our planet. Facts have shown that "fast fashion" is one of the most consumed products on the market and make up the second largest polluter after oil. Mia Luna is dedicated in providing healthy fashion for the wearer and Mother Earth.


As a world traveler I also learned from the beauty and wisdom of indigenous art forms as well as local artisan techniques which have stayed with me in the layers of what inspires the MIA LUNA collection.

Our featured print is our Selenite Mandala print- evoking intuition and connection to your guardian angel. This is the "mother" print to its variations and smaller mandalas that follow.

Mia Luna prints bring together different worlds with a fusion of henna art, arabesque patterns and Greek and Roman architectural motifs. 

These same concepts resonate in my Home Design collection featuring hand built and fired raku with energetic glazes from earth's minerals and metals. The substance and design of these object bring a union with nature into the home and connection with the soul.


My goal is to share beautiful, original and sustainable design in a way that my customers can experience the magic behind it.

Please click the Shop Link to order now. A piece of selenite from our garden is included with all purchases.


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