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Welcome to Mia Luna!


Mia Luna’s mission: Expand your aura with organic clothing printed with mindful mandalas!

Feel the softness and beauty of organic Italian bamboo with the quality of Made in Italy.

Dedicated to all lifestyles and particularly designed for Kundalini Yoga.

The mantra 'Sat Nam' (I am truth) embodies how these beautiful prints expand our energy centers allowing us to connect with who we really are.


Italian pattern makers and tailors with decades of experience in the fashion world make our clothing. 

About Me

I've been an artist for 40 years and have always felt at peace with creating works of art.. As a person who has always struggled with an overactive mind, discovering yoga back in 2002 led me on the journey to getting certified as a Kundalini Yoga instructor (click to read more about this discipline!). Focused on the meditative mind, this practice inspired me to create prints that represented different facets of our being in search of finding who we are. One of my favorite formats of course is the universal mandala. Since our bodies are the tie between our mind and nature, wearing a natural organic fabric like bamboo enhances the experience of a holistic lifestyle, expanding our aura and guiding us on the path to human potential.

Stay updated on self-improvement with our blog featured also on YouAligned.

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