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Welcome to Mia Luna!


Wear joy and feel clarity!

Mia Luna’s mission is to give my customers a new experience and perception in buying and wearing clothing. As we are overwhelmed daily with the multi-tasking the "age of digital information" offers, we need a moment of peace, clarity and joy. 

My mission was to activate clarity in clothing with comfortable ecological fabric decorated with beautiful prints that represent our energy centers allowing us to connect with who we really are.

We use experienced pattern makers and local tailors, but the protagonist of Mia Luna are the original screen prints and designs:  hand-drawn and perfected on Photoshop software. My goal is to create slow ecological fashion that can change the mindset of buying clothing and keeping it as one of those joyful pieces in your wardrobe you cannot wait to wear!

About Me

I am a screen print artist, painter and fashion designer who brings together the worlds of sustainable design, fine art, and yoga. My work shares a variety of eclectic styles and imagery dedicated to soul searching, nature, meditation mandalas, yoga imagery and digital patterns created from illustrations.

Read about selenite's properties on the blog

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