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The fourth chakra: Feeling in the Heart Center

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The heart is the center of our being, both physically and spirtually. We all want a strong heart with a healthy circulation which is easy to achieve with a healthy diet and exercise.

More important however is the spiritual health of the heart and how we process feelings.

If we harbor negative feelings it damages the subtle energies of our heart center and can cause us to suffer and may in turn cause our heart to harden.

Practicing meditation and yoga we can learn how to let the heart stay soft. The first thing to remember is to not let any events that make you feel bad rest inside of you. Just let the heart release those feelings and stay elastic and open.

The heart center corresponds to the 4th chakra and the 4th body in Kundalini Yoga philosophy:

As the 4th chakra it is referred to as "Anahata" which means "unstruck" or "unbeaten" referring to the connection between two vital organs: the heart and the lungs. The rythym is smooth when this center is balanced and our feelings express compassion, forgiveness, humility and trust.

When the heart is blocked it means that one is holding onto grudges or negative events that can create feelings of feeling paranoid and being on the defensive. We may tend to isolate ourselves and hold onto negative feelings of jealousy and lack of trust for others.

How is the 4th chakra is connected to the 4th body? the 4th body is the Neutral Mind , which is the meditative mind. When we practice meditation regularly we live in a state of peace and present moment. Nothing bothers us when the neutral mind is active: this is the ultimate state of freedom. When we hold onto hard feelings we become a slave to them and suffer. Imagine letting go of those past events that created hurt and built barriers, or hardened your heart.

Try tuning into your heart with some easy meditations! Some of my favorties to teach and practice are:

and the yoga set:

I always advise focusing on the color green- the vibration color of this energy center: very accurate since green covers most of the earth and represents the heartbeat of the soil we come from.

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