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Top three categories for sustainability

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Mia Luna was founded in 2013 as primarily an eco-conscious yoga clothing brand specializing in Italian bamboo fabric with original prints inspired by the crystal source -selenite.

Zero kilometer fabric sourcing, ethical methods of production, limited collections and buying second hand are some of the aspects of being an eco-fashionista. Consumers need to be educated today when buying anything for themselves, especially the basic necessities which include food, clothing and shelter.

-Food should be locally grown and organic so people put high energy, high prana foods into their body. Homes should be well made with sustainable materials and the use of alternative energy sources like solar energy. Last but not least we have our clothing.

Clothes should compliment the wearer and create a sense of comfort and and connection to nature. Being the second largest consumer of water and one of the largest polluter in the world (many sources give it a different rank on the scale), consumers need to be aware of their fashion purchases. Awareness means knowing that the garment is ethically made in every sense- with respect for the environment and the person who created it.

In spite of the growing movement of second-hand clothing (we at Mia Luna support this!) certain fashion garments should be bought new like yoga clothing, intimate wear and swimwear, should all be bought first hand for hygienic reasons.

At Mia Luna, our products are made with beautiful Italian jersey from bamboo fiber, lotus and canapa. Having a new piece from our collection creates a personal resonance with the garment's style, fiber and the print design.

Our Etsy customers have raved with 5 star reviews because they feel the quality and spiritual vibration it brings to the earth and inner self. All our pieces are ethically made with love in respect for the planet. Embracing sustainable fashion is an investment into the health of our environment and offers clients long lasting beautiful clothing you will never get tired of wearing.

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