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How to activate a crystal grid

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Geometry and Gemstones equal a Crystal Grid: which is an energetic map based on sacred geometry, labyrinths or other energetic symbols like the infinity sign.

While you can purchase beautiful handcrafted crystal grids on wood or cloth or use a simple computer print out, we at Mia Luna propose original sacred geometry designs that emerge from the crystals themselves: specifically the sacred geometry of the moonstone selenite available on clothing as the “Selenite Mandala” or on the original hand painted silk scarf "Crystal Grid".

Whichever type you decide to use, they all have the same purpose: to manifest an intention. Basically you will use certain crystals on a map of sacred geometry that connect energetically to create the desired outcome, whether it be love, healing, prosperity or serenity.

Here is a basic breakdown of how to create a crystal grid.

  1. Select the sacred geometry you prefer to use as your map. Each shape or pattern represents different things but all of them connect you to the code of creation on a mathematical level so therefore it will connect you to the matrix of everyone and everything.

  2. Write down your intention on a piece of paper and put it in the center of the grid or you can mentally state it.

  3. Choose your crystals. Here you want to choose a selection of crystals that represent your intention. For example, green and rose colored crystals are associated with love, amethyst and moonstone with peace and jade with abundance. Learn more about what meaning certain crystals hold. Note that the Master Mineral is Mia Luna's beloved Selenite.

  4. Start setting your crystals using your own intuition from the outside of the sacred geometry inward. This is the fun part as you can allow yourself to be creative and create something beautiful, there are no rules here.

  5. Connect the crystals using a Master crystal like selenite wand or a quartz spear.

  6. Store your grid in a safe place. It makes a beautiful piece of decor anywhere in the home or office and always a reminder how you can reach your goals and purpose!

Finally Mia Luna proposes the innovative idea of activating the prints on Mia Luna clothing before wearing them by setting down powerful crystals. You can set an intention and “wear the energy” and feel empowered throughout the day with peace of mind, body and soul.

Disclaimer: This is an article about the subtle world and is not to be used for medical treatment or a form of diagnosis. Using crystal grids does not always create a desired result as it depends on your personal alignment.

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