Wear White and Expand your Aura

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Mia Luna founder Maria Moscato is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and practitioner and specializes in creating beautiful conscious clothing for this practice. Wearing white is an integral part of practicing this discipline as it expands the aura when we wear it.

Yogi Bhajan (the Kundalini teacher who brought Kundalini yoga to the West) stated:

“We wear white because it’s a simple scientific fact that every piece of matter or material has a foot and a half aura. Every animal has a three and a half foot aura. Every human has a nine foot aura. And if we wear the cotton and we wear the white, this color therapy gives us one extra foot of aura.”

The “aura” is our shield, an unseen energy that surrounds our body like a “container for life force energy.” It is important to keep it strong in order to protect your mind and body from negative outside forces. Therefore, white helps magnify the energy you gain while practicing kriyas.

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