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8 benefits of Earthing

In celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd) I'd like to dedicate this blog to the bodily benefits we get directly from connecting with the earth.

What is earthing? Basically it's a way to balance our body by physically connecting it to the natural elements of the earth with bare feet or a bare body. This is the literal sense of grounding and how our root chakra is truly about being protected by the earth.

Just like the benefits of sunlight, source of life and vitamin D, essential for our health and wellbeing, the electrical charges we gain from touching our bodies to the earth are just as important. However, "sunning" is more popular in our culture to collect, while "Earthing" has been lost to most societies as we have created barriers between us and the earth through wearing shoes and sleeping on beds above the ground.

The celebrated book that is now a full documentary, "Earthing: the Most Important Health Discovery Ever" scientifically reveals how walking barefoot on the grass, dirt, sand or any natural earth surface, can rebalance your mental and physical health. Proven benefits include:

  • stress management

  • improved circulation

  • reduced inflammation

  • improved sleep

  • lymphatic cleansing

  • improved energy

  • balanced mental health

  • better blood flow

If you want to go for the full earthing experience, one of the best ways is to connect your entire naked body for 30 minutes to an hour a day on sand, stone, grass, gravel or ground. The earth will send charges of electrons that embrace your body and relieve it of any toxins while enriching it with all the benefits listed above. Doing this daily takes off the pounds by cleansing the lymphatic system and eliminating water retention. A great addition to your pre-summer body program!

As an "electron deficient" society, it is time to take mindful moments during the day to make sure we do a little "grounding" or "earthing" every day with the recommended time of 30 minutes per day. Since our feet have the most nerve endings in our body, they are the best parts of the body use for the practice, and also the easiest! Simply find some time during the day to walk on the natural ground of the earth, whatever the surface may be. Although walking is ideal (also for mind and body), you can also sit with your feet pressed firmly on the ground and meditate for enhanced benefits.

Try a week of the above techniques and share your comments below!

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