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The most refreshing Watermelon Coconut Cooler

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Nature is always our teacher and knows what our bodies need for each season, which is why summer provides us with luscious and juicy fruits. Grabbing a peach or a bowl of cherries is always yummy to eat but the most satisfying and cooling way to get the benefits from fruit is to blend it. During Ital's record summer heat I've been sharing with friends my favorite cooling and energetic heat-beat recipe:

Mia's sacral chakra watermelon coconut cooler.

Watermelon is 92% water and low calorie so gives our body an impact of hydration as well as antioxidants and Vitamin C. It also reduces muscle soreness after exercise so really recharges your body after a workout especially with its high content of electrolytes. Drinking watermelon blended also makes it easier to digest, and with some fresh mint leaves you will feel a tingle in your body and a charge of energy up your spine!

I call this a "Sacral Chakra" smoothie since the universal element of this energy center is water: we want to "splash" internal water energy onto the external fire element from the sun to keep our body cool.

Enjoy the delicious taste and the energy it gives !

Mia's sacral chakra watermelon coconut cooler🍉(2 servings)

- 4 cups of cold watermelon chunks (preferably seedless)

- 1 cup cold coconut water

- 1 cup cold apple juice

- 3 mint leaves

Blend and serve cold and decorate with a mint leaf or for extra cooling, make it a "granita" (Italian slushy) and pour it over chopped ice.


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