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The 3 Nabhi Nuances

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Part 3 of the 7 chakra blog series.

Are you feeling indecisive or stuck in a paralysis by analysis? Do you find yourself procrastinating? Do you control other people's lives better than your own?

Read on and learn how to get your power center, the third chakra- back into gear so you can feel confident and take action in life.

The third chakra has 3 nuances in its name:

the Nabhi (navel)

Nabhi is the most direct name of this chakra's nuance: meaning "navel", this point has 72,000 energetic meridians that give us potent energy to take action in life.

Manipura (city of jewels)

The jewel or quality of this nuance is a healthy digestive system maintained with healthy food and a strong diaphragm.

The Solar Plexus (sun energy)

The Solar plexus nuance of this center relates to the universal element fire and the color yellow. Fire is heat we need for proper digestion and yellow brings us the bright vibration of our inherent self-esteem and the maximum of our intellect.

Spring is a great time to empower and balance these nuances as we raise the energy from the first and second chakras to activate transformation from the creative second chakra to the pro-action nature of the third.

This third chakra is associated with our sense of ego, ambition, will-power and fear so we need it balanced to go anywhere in life, otherwise we become passive, stagnant and release the self-critic. This leads us into a downward spiral of other deep seated emotions that can manifest the Victim archetype- when we control other people's lives because we do not know how to control our own. You may see other signs like emotional eating that fills the void of a missing identity.

3 great tips to get the 3rd chakra up and running:

1. Sat Kriya. You can start doing this kriya just 3 minutes a day and gradually work up to 11 minutes. The pumping of the stomach along with the energy locks activate the 72,000 meridians located in the navel center-the Nabhi- creating a radiating energy throughout the body. It also activates the mixung of prana and apana energy allowing our kundalini energy (human potential) to rise up to the higher centers. . Sat Kriya can also help release subconscious childhood trauma that may cause this center to be out of balance- allowing the creative flow from our second chakra to activate action in the third chakra.

2. Long Deep Breathing: Enhances the Manipura nuance: the jewels of the digestive system and the diaphragm. Sit down in easy pose every morning and do long deep breathing for 3- 11 minutes. This exercise works on balancing the nervous system and digestion, removes depression and clears subconscious patterns so we can relate back to our true self.

3. Eat food for the Solar Plexus: As mentioned, the element of the third chakra is fire which is associated with the Solar Plexus nuance of this center. Fire generates the heat we need to process everything that happens in this center like digesting food and absorbing nutrients. It is represented by the color yellow with a green rim so all foods in this color spectrum are great for balancing this area. Curried green leafed vegetables over some basmati rice is a great recipe that will be featured in our next post from the Mia Luna Crystal Kitchen.

Want to wear some third chakra sun energy? Mia Luna makes amazing leggings with lycra from recycled plastic bottles decorated with our Sun Mandala.

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