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How to stay on your path

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The digital world has a lot of us wrapped up into self-image and public portrayal. We can easily become obsessed with a post we've made waiting for public approval. This can lead to a lot of illusion and swaying away from the present moment and our soul's true nature. This is the dilemma of the third millennium and the Age of Aquarius as mentioned in previous posts- the age of information take us away from who we are and it's time to get back to following your path.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher I have experience the benefits of practicing kriyas that keep us balanced so our soul can flow through life without us obsessing about worries and needs. We always know when we come back to ourselves because we feel that sense of being light-hearted and carefree!

Here is a check list to put in our daily journals on how to stay on the true soul path, also known as Dharma:

- Start your day with meditation

In order to tap into our soul we need to tap into our higher consciousness in order to reach human potential. A good meditation to stay on your path can be found here. Practice this every day.

- From Slave to Master

Without discipline we fall into being a slave to bad habits which make us a slave to them. Master yourself by adopting routines that keep you aligned with your higher self. For example a great way to start your morning is the Kundalini Yoga practice of taking a cold shower. The creates circulation, youth and clarity of the mind so you can be mindful of everything you do that day.

- Mind your own business

This is a tough one as we our insecurities often pop up as we watch other people's lives on social media or talk to friends who may boast about how great their life is. "Comparing yourself to others is the thief of happiness" - a recipe for bringing you down to a real low. You have your own call and human destiny that no one else has. Practice meditation to tap into your unique destiny and focus on your own path. Don't put too much energy into what others are doing. This leads to the next tip.....

- Let your success come naturally

Whatever your idea of success and happiness is, you can make it happen when you tap into your intuition and human potential. Opening up our intuition is opening the gate to our soul and the sky is the limit! Set your goal and do your best, the universe will do the rest.

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