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The Best of Bamboo

Here at Mia Luna we feature bamboo viscose in our clothing for many important reasons. Aside from the organic and ecological nature of this plant, there are a lot of spiritual nuances that heighten our mission to create a sense of awareness and self when wearing a Mia Luna piece.

Dating back to prehistoric times, bamboo has always thrived on this planet demonstrating its sustainable nature as a renewable resource that will always be available. This very characteristic has made it important in ancient China and Japan as a plant that represents a strong and resilient personality: very much the objective of what we want to reach in practicing yoga- strong nerves while staying flexible like the strong stems of bamboo.

Because of its ability to grow quick and stay strong, it has spiritual connotations in Taoism as a plant that inspires you to be sincere and true to yourself while in Buddhism the interlacing stems stand for the path to enlightenment.

Much loved now in gardens, bamboo has a natural meditative nature with it's beautiful plant structure, the sound it makes while it moves with the wind and the gentle shadows it portrays against the pavement, providing shade.

Today many other ecological designers are using bamboo for other products besides clothing: furniture, kitchenware, lampshades, flooring and more! Mia Luna is so happy to be a part of the bamboo community! In fact, bamboo also represents just that: the mother bamboo plant surrounded by her seedlings like one big happy family.

Lastly, Mia Luna uses ethical organic bamboo weaves made from a high quality producer here in Italy, taking artisan care in each roll of fabric, characteristic of Made in Italy.

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