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7 ingredients for a Chakra infused Breakfast Bowl

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Mornings are the happiest part of our day. We should be excited about waking up and embracing a new adventure in what life brings. To start the day off with the right energy and clear mind, we want to put good nutrient dense foods in our body. The traditional lassi drink used in India is the basis of this recipe.

Recommended for a balanced microbiome, fermented foods like yogurt contribute to a good digestion, the center of our immune system.

Every day 7 Chakra Breakfast Bowl:

Blend your favorite whole fat Greek yogurt (goat's milk or vegetable milk based yogurt will work) with:

matcha or spirulina powder



almond or nut butter (optional for protein plus)

Start adding a diversity of colored fruits and nuts to make a rainbow of color energy based on the 7 chakra color wheel:

  • Acai berries (violet) for the 7th chakra (crown)

  • blueberries- blue for the 5th and 6th chakra (throat and third eye)

  • spirulina or matcha powder- green for the 4th chakra (heart)

  • banana- yellow for the 3rd chakra (solar plexus)

  • honey- golden orange for 2nd chakra (sacral chakra)

  • raspberries- red for the 1st chakra (root chakra)

This delicious and nutritious breakfast is a simple first step to creating good eating habits with foods that are high in vital energy. Remember to eat with mindfulness, staying present with every spoonful. Finally, if you are not a morning eater, this recipe can be eaten any other time of the day for energy and well-being.

Please consult your health practitioner before making any changes to your diet especially if you have allergies or health problems.


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