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Chakra Curiosity: the 2nd Chakra of Creativity

Aggiornamento: 17 mar 2022

We continue our Chakra Curiosity series (read out 1st chakra article here: Chakra Curiousity 1: Root Chakra Revealed ( this month with news about the second chakra in the chakra system which represents our creative center.

Creativity is seated in our second chakra – the Svadisthan, which means to create and recreate in Sanskrit. In fact, it is the seat of sexuality and fertility, the womb where we all came from. The making and growing of a child in this area is a metaphor for creativity in that artistic expression should be pure and innocent like a child and free flowing like water (the element of this energy center).

Creating is really a form of meditating. When you consider traditional meditative art like calligraphy, painting, Indian mandala making and Zen poetry, they are all spiritual practices, which translates to art being a form of divine expression. This of course is true when we create in the present moment, in thoughtless awareness (nirvichara samadhi). As Eckhart Tolle explains, “All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.”

As we approach the pre-holiday season, this is a good time to keep this energy center activated with creative cooking and gift making. In fact, activating our 2nd chakra is a great way to relieve any holiday blues that may creep in on us. Creating art raises our self-esteem as we see how capable we are in making something beautiful and sharing it with the world. It helps us let go of fear (the main block of this chakra). By letting go of fear, we gain freedom to express ourselves in a way that we do not fear judgment but rather embrace that others appreciate our creations.

It is when the act of creativity is spontaneous that you enter the state of letting go of your ego. When we create in the present, we create from the divine within – and not our ego – so we all have the ability to create an inspirational masterpiece.

Tips for getting your 2nd chakra activated:

  1. Buy a small canvas or watercolor paper: choose 2 colors plus white and do a free flow abstract painting. Example: take blue, white and gold and move the colors with non-conventional painting tools like a squeegee, sponge, and your own hands. After the paint has dried use a cake doily and create some stencil designs in the corners or middle of painting in another tone of blue or gold.

2. Time to try a new recipe! To get started you can choose a colorful palette of vegetables to make a healthy roasted veggie salad mixed in with quinoa or whole grain pasta. This makes a great side dish for Thanksgiving or Holiday Happy Hours. Write down your recipe on a pretty piece of paper and decorate it with botanical motifs: frame your beautiful artwork with your recipe,

3. Creative Self- Care. Remember to take care of the body you were given to carry your beautiful soul through this earthly life. It is easy to get lost in our appearance and be slaves to the habits of how we do our hair and dress.

-Women and Men: cold shower, body massage with almond oil every morning. Facial exercises to tone the face. You will look stunning!

-Try a new outfit

-Women: try some new lipstick and nail polish

-Let your inner self shine with looking your best on the outside, do not be afraid to shine!

-Do a 20 minute brisk walk or 10 minutes of yoga every day to stay toned

Enjoy finding other news ways to express yourself and you will be amazed at your change in mood and level of happiness! Don't forget to smile as much as you can while creating and add some inspirational music in the background.

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