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Chakra-Infused 7-day meal plan

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As an artist I love using creativity in the kitchen by combining my passions of holistic health with a colourful palette of natural foods.

A variety of color in the foods you choose will guarantee a balance of nutrients feeding mind, body and soul. In particular it's good to choose nutrient dense foods so we get the most out of every bite.

When our body is eating right our mind tunes into being aligned with it and we also get more grounded as we thank the soil and sun that provided the healthy food on your table.

Here are some food and lifestyle tips from Mia Luna's Crystal Kitchen with a dedication of each day to activating our chakras. Following this post will be 1 day menu plans based on each chakra, so in the meantime here is a easy overview of a week of healthy eating requiring basic prep!

Part 1

  • Every day 7 Chakra Smoothie Bowl: Try and have a late breakfast when your body feels hungry. One of my favorite morning foods is a Morning Smoothie Bowl: Blend your favorite nut milk with almond butter, spirulina and a banana. Pour into a bowl and add chopped Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds with blueberries or Acai berries. This will have your chakras aligned for the day!

Part 2

Create a 7 ONE day meal plan: As an expat from California living in Italy, I have learned to bring the best of both worlds into my healthy cooking and on a low budget. Here are my 7-day meal tips based on the 7 chakras and a plant-based diet. Please add the suggested fish or fowl if you need dense protein. There is one meal per day in addition to your breakfast/brunch smoothie bowl.

Monday: Root Chakra Oven roasted beets and violin squash with olive oil, herbs and garlic. Serve with Oven baked cod.

Tuesday: Sacral Chakra oven baked sweet potatoes and zucchini with olive oil and garlic. Serve with roasted wild caught salmon.

Wednesday: Solar Plexus Soup (Nabhi Chakra) made simple by sautéing carrots, onions, celery. Add cooked chickpeas, fresh peas, orange squash. Add oregano, thyme and bay leaf. Add 3 cups vegetable broth along with chopped Italian kale or curly kale and brown rice.. Let simmer for 25 minutes and add salt and pepper and serve with olive oil. Protein: add chopped oven cooked turkey breasts to the soup.

Thursday: Heart Chakra Salad with chopped fennel, olives, walnuts and arugula. Dense protein: Add baked or poached salmon for protein.

Friday: Sweet Voice Vishuddhi Chakra Sauteed broccoli and cauliflower in olive oil and garlic, with pepper and parsley. Serve with oven roasted organic chicken with herbs- oregano, sage, thyme. I usually use just the thighs and cook in the oven with olive oil and herbs for 45 minutes.

Saturday: Ajna Chakra Third-Eye Tuna, sliced cooked carrots, olives and sliced artichokes on cauliflower pizza crust (you can find these now at your local health food supermarket). Slice the vegetables so they look like an "eye" to make this a real third-eye pizza!

Sunday: Crown Chakra purple veggie salad with red carrots, cooked beets, baby spinach and red radicchio, chopped celery and sesame seeds. Add some chopped organic chicken breast for protein.

This is a simple first step to creating good eating habits with foods that are high in vital energy. Use this menu as a guideline to create variations and remember to please consult your health practitioner before making any changes to your diet especially if you have allergies or health problems.

Happy Eating!

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