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Morning Beauty Boost: Face Focus

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Waking up in the morning is a time to embrace our bodies with self care and awareness. One of the most important parts of feeling good in the morning is face care.

The texture and structure of our face needs to be well taken care with proper use of washing, moisturizing and massaging.

Our face and neck are what transmits our communication to the world and in fact are both centered between the vishuddha chakra (center of communication) and the ajna chakra (our intuitive judgement). When these centers are in balance we communicate well from the higher self. Using affirmations during face and neck care help these energy centers stay balanced.

Keeping the skin elastic and toned can be done with an easy and economical 3 step routine:

  1. Start by splashing our face and neck with lukewarm water and then follow with 4 splashes of the coldest water that comes from your faucet. Cold water tones the skin and increases circulation. You do not need to use soap in the morning. After pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

  2. Tone with some rose water spray and follow with an organic moisturizer. Always use natural products with no chemicals.

  3. Massage the face with a Jade Roller This is trending now, Jade rollers are becoming popular in the West as a morning beauty practice. Make sure to use a high quality real Jade roller. Start by applying your facial cream or serum, then roll the jade roller over every part of your neck and face from the middle and outward. This is a great lymphatic drainage and reduces, fine lines, increases circulation and will have your skin glowing! Follow with your (2 minutes)

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