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5 steps to a Spring Equinox Cleanse

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Spring Equinox marks the time for rebirth and new growth.

This year, 2022, is a year of duality which means you may feel a pull in opposite directions: clinging onto the comforts past is fighting with your need for change and personal growth.

The year 2022, a multiple of the angel number 11, is a magical and powerful number which will help us get through the battles of duality and Spring is the time to start purging away any stagnant material goods or feelings out of the way. In the following guidelines the amount of 20 minutes is advised as it is the amount of time the brain need to arrive to a focus.

Here are some easy steps to declutter your life of the unnecessary while allowing your true path for inner growth to unfold:

  1. Starting March 21st, every day take something you do not enjoy or need anymore and give it away or put it in the recycling. This could be anything from old cosmetics, clothing, food, linen, etc. The goal is to create more empty space in your home in order to make room for new energy in life that you NEED not want.

  2. Write down something you are grateful for every day and keep it in your purse and pocket, it could be something as simple as your pet or the plants in your garden.

  3. Do something you love: take 20 minutes out of your day to do something you truly enjoy: write, paint, read, Set a timer so you commit yourself to do it-otherwise we are ruled by our habits which often prevent us from doing things that are fulfilling. The purging of the habitual and unnecessary in exercise number 1 allows us to make room for self fulfilment and self care.

  4. Easy Self-Care- take care of your body, mind or soul 20 minutes a day: meditate, take a bath, style your hair, paint your nails, take a walk in the woods or on the beach. Feed your inner self and be good to your body.

  5. Daily grocery shopping. Take an hour of your day to get fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, meats to get the maximum benefit of the pranic energy in foods. We can especially benefit the energy of the Equinox by eating lots of leafy greens inside yummy smoothies to get max prana (vital energy) into out day. Also there is something very satisfying about daily shopping and choosing fresh food like our hunter gatherer ancestors.

Command your habits by creating these hew ones and greet all the new as your reward. I suggest setting timers and actually writing these task on a monthly calendar so you are committed to doing them.

Spring Blossoms
Spring blossoms from a tree.

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