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Buying Art is a Spiritual Practice

Aggiornamento: 27 apr 2021

Buying original Fine Art is an act of self care. Fine Art really belongs more in people's homes instead of galleries, creating a personal environment that integrates with the holistic interior design. Homes are living organisms and extensions of ourselves- each one of us can feel good or bad in our home, depending on what it is made of and how we have decorated it. In addition to the furniture we sit on, we need wall art to resonate with and help create a home identity and connection with our inner spirit. Today, with online availability, everyone can find a beautiful piece of Fine Art suitable for the energy and atmosphere they want to create in their home.

Mia Luna Fine Art offers a diversity of styles that emit energy from an evolution of ideas and states that I have represented in acrylic, watercolor, illustration and digital enhancement. Please visit or to get quick access to purchasing an original painting or print. Below is "Selenite Mandala": Acrylic on canvas with silkscreen textured print creating dimension.

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