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Selenite Secrets

Aggiornamento: 4 mag 2021

Named after the Greek moon goddess "Selene" selenite gave Bologna its name as "City of the Moon" and "City of Silver". What is selenite? As a lover of gemstones and crystals I was suprised about how little I knew until we bought our "selenite" home - located in the selenite quarries of Bologna, Italy.

I was curious about living inside this mysterious crystal rock. What kind of properties did this stone have? Was it safe to live in? With a small child at the time I wanted to make sure this rock was resonating some good vibes!

I had just started exploring meditation at the time too and was thrilled to find out that selenite was chock full of meditative properties: a moon stone, third-eye chakra stone, angel stone, and a healing stone. The best part is that selenite is a channeling stone for creativity- a great tool for artists!

Digging deeper I found out about "Selenite People". Here, the stone lady, Terry Milton defines very well WHY people are attracted to this stone and what brings Selenite People together, here's a small excerpt:

Selenite is a universal stone found on all seven continents and in my opinion, on all stars, planets, and solar systems throughout the universe. It is much like a thread that can connect you with the past, present, and future, and with any place in the universe. Sometimes called gypsum or desert rose, Selenite has the ability to link one to the people and places that are important, as well as to spaces and places throughout the universe. Because of its universal nature those who are drawn to Selenite often find themselves pulling information that comes from “elsewhere.” You can recognize “Selenite People” by a common phrase that is a variation of, “I don’t know how I know this, but …”

A stone used to build walls, those who are drawn to Selenite usually find that they are in the position of trying to break down walls that should never have been erected in the first place. Today’s “Selenite People” would be much like the freedom riders of the early 1960’s. Those who are drawn to Selenite have the courage of their convictions, are champions of the underdog, and believe in practicing what they preach, but are often forced to make unpopular decisions. It is easy for people to say, “If this ever happens, I will do such and such …” but when they are faced with the reality of the situation they had imagined, they are suddenly saying, “Oh, but what I meant was …” -----Terry Milton

Beyond these metaphysical and esoteric facts lies the nature of a sustainable and vernacular building stone as it makes up the foundation of the city of Bologna which gave it the name of "City of Silver" and "City of the Moon" . Selenite sustains Bologna's iconic two towers and is found scattered around the city and parks as an integral part of its architecture.

How cool was it for me to find out I was living in a ready-made "sustainable" home! Interestingly my thesis topic for my Master's degree was on vernacular Italian architecture.

Enjoy the connections you'll find and discover in the Mia Luna collection of prints that all come from the "birthstone" print Agnya Mandala (Selenite Mandala).

As selenite is the mother stone of Bologna, our Agnya mandala is the mother print to our connection. You'll notice its nature hidden and connected to the Mia Luna print series.

Keep updated on our blog with more about selenite secrets. I am also starting tutorials soon about creating your own personal mandala from something that inspires you and how you can create a collection from it.

In the meantime grab some selenite for yourself and get the creativity channeling!

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